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1,600 feet of Cranbarrier fit inside this truck! The Cranbarrier is extremely light-weight and compact. There is 1,600 feet of Cranbarrier in this short-bed pickup truck!

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Cranbarrier is the industry’s first high tech device designed specifically for the wet harvest of cranberries. This grower designed harvest boom saves time and labor. This high-tech geotextile fabric is lightweight and easy to use. It allows growers to take advantage of color incentives, cut labor costs by 60% or better, speed harvest time, and lower risk of injury and worker’s compensation claims.

Cranbarrier has the good features of the wooden booms with the correct floating depth that keeps berries contained without escaping over or under the containment system. In water, because it is virtually weightless, workers muscle the crop without extra burden of heavy boards. "This system cut my labor bill in half, and more than paid for itself in the first harvest," said Benjamin Gilmore of South Carver, Mass. The harvest went so quickly, he was able to load as much as he could pick in one day, giving him greater flexibility about when to harvest for color incentives.

One person can pull the barrier around the beaten cranberries, and it can be easily moved over dikes by hand or machine. The high-tech geotextile fabric stays lightweight because it allows water to pass through. It is virtually dry as soon as it hits the air. The freeboard is a closed cell polystyrene flotation device.

A single section of Cranbarrier

It is better than wood boards in shallow water because it is very slick, and will ride over the vines and comb the berries out. Cranbarrier™ is manufactured in 50 and 100-foot sections. Each section comes with a standard connecting ends. Other end connectors are available. Two thousand feet of Cranbarrier™ easily fits in the back of a pick up truck. The one thing it doesn’t do well is combine with the wood boards, he noted. It is best to use it alone in one unit unattached to other booms.

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