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Cranberries National Agricultural Statistics Service USDA Washington, D.C. Released August 18, 1998, by the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), Agricultural Statistics Board, U.S. Department of Agriculture. For information on "Cranberries" call Howard Hill at (202)720-7235, office hours 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. ET.

1998 Cranberry Production Up 2 Percent. The forecast for the 1998 cranberry crop is 5.62 million barrels, up 2 percent from 1997's record large production and 20 percent more than1996. Wisconsin, Oregon, and Washington forecasted increases from a year ago, Massachusetts remained unchanged, and New Jersey decreased. Production in Wisconsin is forecast at a record high 2.40 million barrels, 3 percent above 1997 and 21 percent above 1996. Increased production is expected due to more acres for harvest. Water supply is adequate and berry set ranged from good to excellent. However, some growers reported damage from unfavorable winter conditions and hail. The Massachusetts crop is forecast at 2.1 million barrels, unchanged from the previous year but up 22 percent from 1996. Mild conditions last winter followed by beneficial rains throughout the spring helped the crop, except in areas where water sat in the fields too long and where heavy flooding in June and July wiped out blossoms. Growers reported bloom and set as average, with berry size reported as mostly medium, but more rain is needed to maintain size. Insect and disease damage has been  relatively low. New Jersey expects a crop of 570,000 barrels, 2 percent less than last year but 22 percent more than 1996. Growers reported good pollination,bee activity, and fruit set. Bloom and size of fruit were rated between average and heavy. No significant weather damage was reported. In Oregon, the crop is forecast at 375,000 barrels, 7 percent above last year's crop and 20 percent above the 1996 crop. A cool, early spring and above normal precipitation in May reduced pollination, but fruit set was generally good. Cranberry acreage continues to increase and most fields had good bloom which compensated for poor pollination. Growers rated insect and disease problems as normal. The Washington crop is forecast at 175,000 barrels, 6 percent above last year but 3 percent less than 1996. Western Washington had another mild winter and little or no frost damage. However, the spring was cool, wet,and foggy. Some growers indicated unusually late bloom with weather conditions less than favorable. Bloom was heavy in some areas, but few reporters rated berry set as good. Some areas suffered damage from insects. Fr Nt 4 (8-98) 1997 Production Up 18 Percent; Value at a Record High for the Second Year Production of cranberries in the United States in 1997 totaled 5.53million barrels, up 18 percent from 1996. The area harvested, at 35,500acres, increased 4 percent from the previous year and set a new record.The average yield of 155.9 barrels per acre was 18.5 barrels above 1996.The average price per barrel increased $2.00 from 1996 to $67.90. Value of production increased to $376 million, 22 percent above last season's record high.

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